27.5 kW Photovoltaic Solar Farm - Cheshire

27.5 kW Photovoltaic Solar Farm - Cheshire

The specialist Atlantic Renewables electrical team mounted the isolating equipment and associated cables prior to the Solar Panels being installed. It took the Atlantic Renewables roofing team under 1 day to mount the roof fixings and 1 day to mount all 110 Solar Panels securely to the Roof. The Solar PV system took under 2 weeks from design, installation and final commissioning.

As part of our normal customer service offered to all customers, Atlantic Renewables took care of all certificates, DNO applications and form filling.

The Installation will give out 23,141 kW hours of free electricity a year, providing the following key returns:

  • Payback of 7-8 years
  • Annual rate of return above 15%
  • 16,801 kg of CO2 avoided annually
  • Financial return of £210,840

If you are interested in having a similar installation, then why not call your local installer on 0161 207 4044, or fill in our online quote form for a prompt reply and free, no-obligation quote.

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