Unit Features

Voltage Optimization
optimizes voltage throughout the home.

We’re also expert at getting the best from those panels with the most advanced solar inverters, control and monitoring, battery storage and integrated EV charging points within a solar energy system.

Full product specification is listed below:-

  • Temperature range -10˚C to 60˚C
  • Humidity up to 90%
  • Altitude to 1,500m
  • Choice of 4 voltage optimization settings (0V, -12V, -18V, -24V). Voltage can be manually adjusted through a 5 position rotary switch;
  • Position 1 – (0V reduction)
  • Position 2 – (-12V reduction)
  • Position 3 – (-18V reduction)
  • Position 4 – (-24V reduction)
  • 5 Year warranty
  • Can be installed internally and/or externally
  • 99.90% Efficient
  • Low impedance
  • 60A

Unit specifications:

  • Dimensions: 269mmW x 316mm H x 173mm D
  • Weight: 18.8kg

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