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Are you the owner of a solar power system in Manchester or Cheshire?
Is your system in need of maintenance or general repair?

Atlantic Renewables is a one stop shop for all of your PV operations and maintenance (OM) needs.

When installed correctly solar panels are robust, highly reliable and can last well over thirty years if kept in good condition. The solar inverter acts as the brain of the entire solar system and can need regular quality checks and maintenance to ensure your solar panels are performing at their maximum capacity.
Thermal infrared imaging of a solar array.

Wear & Tear

Over time, the energy yield of solar panels can be affected by adverse weather and other environmental conditions such as dust build up and traffic pollution. Even every day leaf build up can have an adverse effect on your system. Atlantic renewables offer a range of services in Manchester and surrounding areas to help with the maintenance of your solar panels; from cleaning solar panels to thermal infrared imaging of a solar array.

Solar Panel Pigeon Defence System

Pest Protection of Solar Panels

You may occasionally have problems with birds finding their way into and nesting underneath your solar panels. If this does occur Atlantic Renewables can install a Pigeon Defence System to prevent this problem. This deters birds and rodents from finding their way into your solar panel system and causing costly repair damage. As organic debris like animal waste releases ammonia as it biodegrades, it causes corrosion to cables and connectors. We can also easily install this essential pest deterrent into existing solar panel systems at a competitive price.

Solar Panel Issues

Solar panel issues can also include problems caused by water damage these often show up on solar inverters as an error code ‘insulation resistance’ or ‘riso low’. This is often caused by faulty system connections (direct current cables) or corrosion over time. If you are unsure of the origin of the fault with your solar panel system Atlantic Renewals can offer a system wide fault finding diagnosis at your property. We offer a call out from £80 and Atlantic Renewables can usually provide you with a diagnosis of your problem within just one hour.

Existing PV systems

In some cases, poor workmanship by a previous installer can also affect the performance of your solar PV system. Incorrect D.C string installation and connection can directly affect the yield of solar panels. 

If connectors are not fitted correctly or cables are not sufficiently supported it can result in electrical resistance within the wired connection, this often results in a fire hazard as the connectors heat up from corrosion. Call Atlantic Renewables for more information on possible installation issues, we can provide a call out to your Manchester based business or domestic property.

System Upgrades

To combat avoidable and costly faults, many customers are choosing to upgrade their solar power panels with either micro inverters or power optimisers, such as SolarEdge power optimisers. These optimisers are installed into each solar panel individually, meaning they monitor, improve possible solar yield and maintain the DC voltage output of each solar panel. If a fault occurs in the system, installing power optimisers prevents the fault spreading to the output of more than one solar panel. With SolarEdge customers can also comprehensively monitor their solar system via an easily accessible remote app. Atlantic Renewables can install or upgrade SolarEdge into your existing solar PV system in Manchester, Cheshire, Warrington, Bolton, Stockport and other areas. 

Inverter and Isolator Issues

As solar PV installations begin to age, energy production can begin to decline. This may be due to one of many inverter or isolator faults.

Isolators can be susceptible to thermal damage due to loose connection, or having the wrong type of isolator installed to a system. If an installer has not fitted the appropriate isolator, it can result in a fire risk.

As inverters are made of electronic components, they can be prone to overheating. Overheating can cause the system to slow, or even shut down completely. It is important to ensure that the inverter is installed in a well ventilated cabinet or housing unit. Dust build up can also affect the operation of inverters, so filtered housing units are necessary.

With any part of your solar PV system, professional installation of inverters and isolators is essential. Faulty installation of any part of the system will result in a ‘isolation fault’ - meaning a short circuit in the system and resulting system shut down.

The inverter can show and ‘error code’ problem. These error codes are specific to the manufacturer of the unit, and as solar PV experts Atlantic Renewables can identify these error codes and diagnose the fault. We currently work with a range of reputable inverters such as SMA SunnyBoy, ABB Aurora Power-one, Zeversolar, Afore, MasterVolt, Huawei, Solis, Growatt, Schmitt, Nphase Micro-inverters and SolarEdge.

SMA SunnyBoy
ABB Inverter

Mounting Faults

A incorrectly installed solar panel can cause rain damage to the roof of your property, If you notice a stain on your ceiling, this is could be due to a poorly installed solar array mount. Atlantic Renewables can help you to pinpoint the problem, and provide a permanent repair to the water damage in your roof, as well as replace the original faulty mount.

Council and housing association properties .

Atlantic Renewables currently work with local councils, housing associations and businesses, as well as privately owned domestic properties such as apartment complexes. Atlantic Renewables are accredited and insured to work on public buildings with larger portfolios. We provide solar PV expertise, diagnostics, repairs and installation in Stockport, Chorlton, Salford, Burnage, Sale, Bolton, Chester, Fallowfield and Cheshire and other areas.

Fault checking & Diagnosis

Atlantic Renewables now offer an in depth operations and maintenance (O&M) check for your commercial or domestic solar panel system in Manchester, Cheshire and other areas. As your system and solar panels age, the efficiency of individual modules of the system can decline, which in turn affects the overall output of your solar PV framework. Using infrared imaging to provide a visual thermal map of your solar panels provides a comprehensive insight into defects in individual modules, allowing us to diagnose exactly where the system is underperforming, we can then replace or repair the individual faulty modules.

If you are unsure of the performance rate of your existing solar panel system, Atlantic Renewables can provide you with thermal mapping images, giving you specific data regarding the yield and power levels of your Manchester PV system during operation. Using this in depth data, our expert solar team can repair any module defects, maximising the output of energy from your system for years to come.

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