Micro Inverters

Micro Inverters converts DC current generated from sunlight by solar panels into AC current, which can then be used in a property. A conventional Solar PV system would have one central inverter with all of the other solar panels connected into it. However, a Solar system using Micro Inverters would enable each individual solar panel to be independent from the next, reducing the potential loss in power production caused by shading or potential system failure. Systems that use micro inverters have a number of potential advantages over conventional systems in terms of system design flexibility, safety and financial yields. Accordingly, such systems are growing in popularity, numbers, and affordability.

Micro inverters typically have no moving parts and so they have a much longer life span than the usual Inverter. Most manufacturers provide micro inverters with a 20 year standard warranty compared to 5-10 years of conventional inverters.


Advantages of Micro Inverters over Conventional String Inverters

Conventional Inverters such as the Power One Aurora (pictured above) usually consists of 2 separate strings. This means that on a standard 4kW installation comprising of 16 solar panels, the system will be split into two parallel circuits of 8 solar panels. Micro Inverters such as the Enecsys Micro Inverter (As pictured Below) or the Enphase Micro Inverter however, enable each individual solar panel to be linked in parallel and thus independent from one another. This can dramatically reduce the potential negative effects of shading, as explained in the image below.

An additional advantage of micro inverters is the removal of potentially dangerous high-voltage DC electricity cables between the panels and inverter, which is associated with conventional solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Instead a micro inverter is placed underneath each panel on the roof, and so safer AC cables can be used to transfer the electricity to your home instead, which are all put behind an RCD (Residual Current Device). Thus if any cables were to be maliciously damaged, the RCD would ‘trip out’ and isolate the electricity from the system and so removing the potential danger.



All micro inverter installations comes with a sophisticated monitoring system, which enables the end user and Atlantic Renewables to monitor in detail each individual solar panel. Atlantic Renewables and the customer will be able to monitor the live power generated daily, weekly, monthl,y as well as the annual power production in detail.

Monitoring is available via an online portal so that the customer has the peace of mind whether they are on holiday or at home that their solar system is functioning while also having the capacity to compare and contrast the performance of each solar panel and be alerted of any potential faulty panels.


Atlantic Renewables have specialist experience in both the design and installation of Micro Inverters. If you are interested in a Solar panel price because you are want a solar PV Install using Micro Inverters then get in touch.

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