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With electricity prices rising, companies are increasingly looking at installing solar PV as a great way of reducing energy bills, cutting carbon emissions and earning an additional income from their roof space. Atlantic Renewables has installed a large number of commercial solar systems on roofs for offices, cold stores, industrial units, storage centres, factories, farms etc. around the UK ranging from just 10kWp up to over 500kWp.

As a Commercial Solar PV specialist we excel at delivering solar PV systems for companies around the country, on-time and on-budget, and the fact that the majority of our work comes through recommendations, speaks volumes about our track record.

Installing a solar PV system on your business premises allows you to take control of meeting your energy needs, Benefits include;

  • Cut your electricity bills and avoid rising energy prices
  • Cut your carbon emissions. Great for your company’s Corporate Identity.
  • Sell excess power to earn an additional income.
  • The Return on Investment including FiT income, energy savings and export payments is often 17%
  • The income alone from the Feed-in Tariff offers a 10% return on your investment.
  • Additional benefits include reducing cooling costs in the summer on cold stores and helping to stabilise electricity supply.

Why use Atlantic Renewables for your commercial solar PV installation

We have installed solar PV on every type of roof including flat roofs, pitched roofs, farm buildings, metal clad, fibrous cement, industrial units, office blocks and even a custom built mounting system on the roof of a heritage listed manor house. We have installed large field based commercial systems on pile driven foundations, concrete foundations and railway sleepers, as well as ballasted solutions.

Reasons to choose Atlantic Renewables to install solar PV for your business

All types of roof - We have installed solar on all types of roofs, including on cold stores, self-storage units, containers, manor houses, warehouses, office blocks, industrial units.

  • On time and on budget - We have installed every system on-time and on-budget, often under pressure from key deadlines.
  • 10-year insurance backed warranty - Every system comes with an insurance backed warranty for our workmanship as well as the standard panel and inverter warranties, so you can have the peace of mind
  • Web monitoring - We install a monitor on every system which enables you to be able to track your systems performance online and receive alerts if anything goes wrong.
  • Excellent aftercare - We monitor all of the systems we install and are always on hand to pop back and sort out any problem, giving you peace of mind.
  • Repeat Business and Referrals - We obtain most of our business from repeat business and referrals from our customers who have been so happy with their installs.

Because of our commitment to quality and by working closely with our customers, we have built strong on-going relationships, and consequently have installed multiple systems for many of our customers. Through these relationships we have also found that we have not had to do much marketing as most of our custom comes through repeat business or referrals.

For current Feed-in Tariff & Export rates go to Ofgem here


Is your roof or install location facing an optimum orientation?

The optimum orientation for a solar array is due south at an angle of between 10-45. However if you don’t have a south facing roof or want to install on a flat roof then we can accommodate this by use of A Frames, which can be used to pitch panels up to a required angle and orientation.

Is your install location or roof shaded?

Shading can be detrimental on the performance of the system, so it is important to check with us about our solutions to your shading problem.

Planning no longer required

Since April 2012 planning permission is no longer required for commercial solar roof-mounted PV installations, unless on a listed building or in a conservation area.


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