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3.135kw Solar PV In Chorlton

3.135kw Solar PV In Chorlton

Another happy Atlantic Renewables customer in Chorlton

Atlantic Renewables completed a 3.135kw system in Chorlton, leaving yet another ecstatic customer.

This week Atlantic Renewables installed a 3.135kw system, which consisted of 11 x 285w monocrystalline LG panels. 6 of the panels were mounted on the rear elevation with the remaining 5 on the side. We also installed 11 Solar Edge optimisers which communicate to the Solar Edge Inverter that was also installed on this job. This Inverter pairs up with the optimisers, which means each panel works independently. We used these optimisers due to the risk of shading from the chimney and the orientation of the side roof. This way the customer is still getting the most out of their new solar panels.

With the optional Zigbee kit, that attaches to the inverter and communicates via wi-fi to the household router, the customer is able to log onto Solar edge and track their generation while also viewing each panels maximum output

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