Britain Should increase carbon targets

Energy and Climate Change Minister, Greg Barker, this morning told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme listeners that Britain should increase its carbon emissions target to 30 percent – as long as the rest of Europe follows suit.

Planning permission no longer required for non-domestic solar installations

In news that will make life a lot easier for many solar PV installers, from April 6 this year, planning permission will no-longer be needed to install solar PV or solar thermal on non-domestic buildings. The new rules will also mean that ground-mounted systems up to 9m2 will be able to go ahead without a planning application.

Half price solar provides similar rates of return as in 2011

A combination of a dramatic fall in installation figures and a lower feed-in tariff rate have painted a bleak picture for the future of solar in the UK. CompareMySolar's Managing Director, Gertjan Van der Goot, digs a little deeper to see if returns at the lower feed-in tariff rate are as bad as they seem.

Barker says Green Deal will take energy efficiency from ‘boring to bling’

The Climate Change and Energy Minister, Greg Barker spoke of his aim to upgrade Britain’s leaky housing stock by using the Coalition’s Green Deal to enhance properties “kerb appeal” by transforming “energy efficiency from the image of dirty, dusty loft insulation to cosy living rooms and beautiful houses. From loft to living room and boring to bling.”

Review to FIT takes into account buildings energy efficiency

The Government has today announced plans to ensure the future of the Feed-in Tariffs scheme to make it more predictable. Transparency, longevity and certainty are at the heart of the new improved scheme.

E.ON and Scottish Power complete Big Six price cuts

E.ON put forward that it would cut electricity prices by 6%, while Scottish Power chose to cut gas prices by 5%. Both changes are due to come into effect at the end of February.

The moves followed a 5% electricity price slash by British Gas, and cuts to gas prices of 5% by EDF Energy and npower, and of 4.5% by SSE.


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