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Gain Free Hot Water using your Solar Panel sytem with Immersun

If you already have a Solar PV system or are thinking of installing a Solar Panel array, you can now benefit from both free electricity and free hot water all year round.

With Solar PV systems, owners often struggle to make the most of the free excess electricity that is being generated from their solar panels; with an Immersun device, you can make the most of any surplus electricity generated by using it to heat the water in your cylinder.

No February feed-in tariff cuts as rates remain the same until 1 May 2013

Ofgem has confirmed the feed-in tariff (FiT) rates for solar photovoltaic technology beginning February 1, 2013. The rates will remain the same, as reported by Solar Power Portal last month, following disappointing levels of installs across all capacity bands.

The new FiT rates, as of 1 February, 2013, will be as follows:

UK generates record amount of renewable energy in Q1’12

According to Government’s latest Energy Trends and Quarterly Energy Prices report, the UK has generated a record amount of renewable energy during the first quarter (3 months) of 2012. More than 11% of Britain's electricity generation was attributed to output from solar, wind and renewable heat sources during this period.

The report, which was published yesterday, outlined that output from all renewable sources reached 11.08TWh during the quarter, which is a 39% increase in comparison to the same period of 2010. The updated figures for 2011 also confirm that last year renewable energy output rose 33% to a record 34,410GWh.

"Today's statistics show a clear increase on the first quarter of last year across all renewables - with rises in wind, hydro, solar and bioenergy generation," explained Energy Minister Charles Hendry.

Plans emerge for UK-based solar module manufacturing facility

Providing a boost for both the UK economy and the solar industry, a Midlands-based company has today revealed plans to build a 30MW solar photovoltaics manufacturing plant in the UK.

Sunsolar was granted a huge £5 million Government fund backed by Sandwell Council and the Regional Growth Fund, which will be added to a £5 million company investment.

21pence FIT deadline extended until August 1st

The tariff for a domestic solar PV installation will now fall to 16p/kWh, down from 21p, and will be set to steadily decrease on a three month basis by 3.5 percent thereafter. These digressions are expected to be delayed if the market slows down.

Power to the people: Hull opens electricity-generating gym

A brand new, revolutionary outdoor gym that harnesses the power generated by those exercising and turns it into electricity has been unveiled in Hull.

The gym uses the power generated by the outdoor cardio equipment and converts it into useable electricity. The renewable energy generated is used to power lighting for the gym, extending the usable hours of the facility.

REA: UK renewables industry supports 110,000 jobs

New research published by the Renewable Energy Association and Innovas reveals that the UK’s 12.5 billion renewables industry supports 110,000 jobs across the supply chain and could support as much as 400,000 jobs by 2020.

The report titled, ‘Renewable Energy: Made in Britain’, will be launched tomorrow on the eve of the Clean Energy Ministerial Summit.

50kW farm solar projects after April 1

Since the announcement that there are yet more feed-in tariff cuts on the forthcoming months, many solar companies are being approached by farmers who are keen to install 50kW of solar PV on 1/4acre of land or a barn roof before the rates are reduced on July 1.


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