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EU ‘binding’ renewables target spared the axe despite UK opposition

The possibility of a binding renewable energy target for the EU is back on the table at negotiations in Brussels.

PV Tech, Solar Power Portal’s sister site, understands that the current draft of the new 2030 centre piece of the bloc’s climate and energy policy calls for a target of either 27% or 30%. A 24% target, that would represent business as usual, has been ruled out.

STA ‘bullish’ about UK PV’s potential ahead of Solar Energy UK Roadshows

The Solar Trade Association’s chief executive Paul Barwell believes that 2014 represents a ‘year of growth’ for solar in the UK.

Speaking to Solar Power Portal ahead of his regular speaking slot at this year’s Solar Energy UK roadshows, Barwell said: “2014 is a year for growth: this is a year where the UK is coming out of a recession and there is now an underlying confidence in the market. >

UK opposition to new EU green energy targets could risk 'half a million jobs'

Over half a million new jobs over the next two decades could be at risk from the UK's opposition to new EU targets for green energy, according to a leaked official report from the European commission.

Europe must set a new renewable energy target

Europe must set a new renewable energy target

Ministers and their EU colleagues are on the cusp of a decision which could undermine our energy security, push up the cost of power and weaken efforts to tackle climate change.

As the deadline draws near for the government to decide whether or not to stick with European targets for renewable energy, the consequences of this government’s opposition to a binding goal for 2030 need to be spelled out.

Leicestershire County Council considering solar to combat escalating energy bills

Leicestershire County Council considering solar to combat escalating energy bills

Leicestershire County Council has revealed that it is considering installing solar panels on County Hall to help tackle escalating energy bills.

Consumers could reduce bills with energy efficient heating

Not enough is being done to encourage and help homeowners switch to more energy efficient and cheaper forms of heating, according to a new report released today.

Hot Nanotubes Helping Solar Panels Capture More Sunlight

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are seeking to increase the efficiency of solar cells by helping them take advantage of more of the sun’s rays.

MIT scientists are testing solar cells with a layer of carbon nanotubes that “make it possible to take advantage of wavelengths of light that ordinarily go to waste,” according to a statement yesterday from the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based university.

New Battery Technology Could Help Unlock Solar, Wind Power Potential

New Battery Technology Could Help Unlock Solar, Wind Power Potential

A new kind of battery designed by Harvard University scientists and engineers could unlock the potential of renewable energy sources like wind and solar.

The Next Step In Heat Pump Technology

There’s good news for homeowners looking for more efficient and economical ways to heat and cool their home. The next generation in geothermal technology has arrived. These systems are designed to leverage underground thermal energy to provide ultra efficient heating and cooling of a home.


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