In-roof solar panel systems come with many benefits; as well as providing you with tax-free renewable energy, these panels integrate into the roof of your property seamlessly, acting as part of the roof covering. As well as being as hard wearing and as weather proof as normal roof tiles, the components of this system are extremely lightweight, meaning Atlantic Renewables offer a speedy installation process.

Compared to standard on-roof solar panels, there is no need for extra roof tiles or racking underneath the array, meaning that any repair work does not warrant the need to decommission the panels to reach the roof tiles underneath.


Hassle-Free: The In-Roof Advantage

Being part of the roof panelling also means no risk of bird infestations, which can cause damage and effect the performance of your entire solar system.

Currently, with all new-build properties and extensions, government regulations require that roof tiles are fixed with nails or clips, and with previous solar installations, this meant more time consuming work to remove roofing, placing and fixing solar panels, and then re-roofing as needed. In-roof solar panels can easily be installed before the new roof is placed, and as the solar array mounts slide over one another and fix into place, meaning they are completely weatherproof and the lightweight.

The recyclable materials of these panels do not add any extra weight to the roof of your property. In-roof solar systems also meet current SAP and local planning permission standards, meaning a hasslefree, cost effective and straightforward install. SAP is a standard assessment procedure to rate the energy efficiency of buildings. The only official government rating system, SAP ensures that any new build or new additions to existing properties comply with government regulations.

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In-roof Solar Install Manchester


In-roof Integrated Solar Panel Install Manchester

Interactive Video FAQ

Considering solar energy? It's no surprise you have questions! Sifting through technical specifications, deciphering your roof's suitability, and wondering if solar is even feasible can feel overwhelming.

Here at Atlantic Renewables, we want to empower your decision-making. Explore this interactive video FAQ to uncover the answers to all your solar questions.

Dive deep into the benefits of solar power and discover how solar panels can impact your energy independence. At your own pace, gain the knowledge and confidence to make an informed decision about the future of your property.

Building Green, Building Smart

Installing solar panels on any new build property provides a great way to meet the energy efficiency requirements of building regulations. Atlantic Renewables offer SAP compliant work on all our solar panel installs.

As a fully certified solar installation company, Atlantic Renewables provides a BBA approved and MCS certified product, and as we also provide professional roofing services, we can provide a comprehensive in-roof solar system install for your home or place of business in Greater Manchester.

Atlantic Renewables started the new year with our first in-roof solar install for our client Matt in Sale. Matt opted for 8 Longi 2.4kW panels in a sleek, all-black. The Atlantic Renewables team finished off this install within one working day, we were able to fix the panels into place with the correct flashing and aprons, ready for our clients roof to be placed without hindering the process or any possible damage to the solar system.

If you are a house builder or building company, give the Atlantic Renewables team a call on 0161 207 4044 for expert help with design, commissions and install on your new build or property renovations.

Enhancing Aesthetics

In the decade Atlantic Renewables have been installing solar panels around Manchester, we have found that some people are put off by the appearance of solar panel arrays on the roof of their buildings, especially domestic properties. With in-roof solar systems the panels are integrated as part of the roof of the property, these integrated panels provide our customers with a weatherproof, robust and extremely discreet finish to their solar system.

In-roof solar panels are fixed as part of the roof covering, giving the appearance of a velux window. We installed a Solis inverter for Matt, who is a house builder himself. Matts property now has a renewable energy supply in line with SAP (standard assessment procedure) and government energy efficiency standards for years to come, without compromising the aesthetic look of his roof.


In-roof Solar Install Manchester

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