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The UK's Favorite Energy Source

Why you Should Go Solar

Thinking about solar energy? You're in good company! A recent survey shows solar is the UK's favorite energy source, leaving gas in the dust.

Plus, the timing is ideal. The technology behind solar panels has improved dramatically in recent years. Modern panels are more reliable and efficient, capturing more sunlight and turning it into usable solar energy for your home. This translates to powering your needs and potentially even selling excess energy back to the grid.

Solar power isn't just about capturing sunlight. Modern systems integrate seamlessly with your existing electrical grid. This allows you to utilize generated power throughout the day and automatically draw from the grid when needed.


Reap The Benefits of Going Green

Secure Sustainable Savings

As everyone knows, solar energy is 100% clean. It’s good to know that while you’re saving money, you’re also helping to save the planet, leaving the legacy of a healthier environment for our children and grandchildren.

Solar energy guarantees you lower electricity bills than you pay now, or even no cost at all. And you always have the opportunity to sell any unused electricity to the Grid to earn money back from your system. What’s more, your system can incorporate one or more electric vehicle charging points so you can charge up for a fraction of the cost of petrol or diesel.

The energy demands of society have never been greater. But with the latest battery storage technology you’ll be assured of continued power for your home and home-based work and business activities, even if the National Grid should go down.

Where Quality Meets Technology

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25 Years Warranty

25 Years Warranty

Built to last, our durable panels are guaranteed for 25 years of performance. With proper care, they can even exceed that, potentially reaching a lifespan of 30 years or more!

5 Years Workmanship

5 Years Workmanship

Safety and quality are paramount at Atlantic Renewables. That's why our expert installation team prioritizes both, and we back it up with a 5-year workmanship warranty.

Installers Since 2011

Installers Since 2011

With over a decade of experience installing high-quality, industrial-grade solar systems for both domestic and commercial customers, trust us to make your solar dreams a reality.

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Our Promises To You

Quality and Expertise

  • Accreditation: We are fully accredited by the MCS, ensuring quality and compliance with industry standards.

  • Custom Design: We use simulation software to design a system tailored to your specific needs and property.

  • Qualified Team: Our installations are completed by fully qualified electricians and experienced roofers, guaranteeing structural integrity and proper waterproofing.

Personalized Service

  • Tailored Solutions: We prioritize a deep understanding of your unique situation to ensure each tailored unlocks its full potential.

  • Expert Guidance: Our experienced electricians and roofers are available to provide advice before, during, and after installation.

  • Customer-Centric: Customer service is our top priority, ensuring you receive innovative solar technology at affordable prices.

No Pressure, Just Solutions

  • Experts, Not Salespeople: Our team consists of solar energy experts who will design a system to meet your long-term needs, not pressure you into a sale.

  • Trusted Installation: Your system will be installed by our own team of trained and managed roofers and electricians.

  • Peace of Mind: We offer a 25-year guarantee on solar panels and a 5-year insurance-backed guarantee on workmanship.

Future-Proof Technology

  • Commitment to Innovation: We stay ahead of the curve by incorporating the latest and greatest technologies in our systems.

  • Continuous Research: Our team constantly evaluates emerging trends, ensuring your system leverages cutting-edge advancements.

  • Adaptable Solutions: We design systems that can adapt and thrive as technology evolves, meeting your current and future needs.

Interactive Video FAQ

Considering solar energy? It's no surprise you have questions! Sifting through technical specifications, deciphering your roof's suitability, and wondering if solar is even feasible can feel overwhelming.

Here at Atlantic Renewables, we want to empower your decision-making. Explore this interactive video FAQ to uncover the answers to all your solar questions.

Dive deep into the benefits of solar power and discover how solar panels can impact your energy independence. At your own pace, gain the knowledge and confidence to make an informed decision about the future of your property.

We’re also here to support you long-term


Web Monitoring

We can install online monitoring with every system which enables occupiers to track their system’s performance online and receive alerts if anything goes wrong.


Committed Aftercare

If something does happen to your system, we will be ready to step in and diagnose the issue quickly – which tends to be within an hour of arriving.

Fully Compliant, Fully Prepared

Atlantic Renewables is fully compliant to SSIP Standards including SMAS Worksafe, Constructionline and CHAS.

Our commitment to quality extends to directly training and managing a team of experienced roofers and electricians.

When you work with us, all safety assessment paperwork and other documentation will be taken care of.


Real People, Real Results

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Reduce your reliance on the grid and enjoy cleaner, cheaper energy.

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