Atlantic Renewables' low energy lighting service gives the customer the opportunity to vastly reduce their lighting costs. By replacing old light equipment with more energy efficient light systems, the user can greatly reduce their light bills by 85%. We install quality brands such as Philips, Ricoman and Oskran, with the implementation of such devices being installed with minimal disruption to the client and the use of specific funding mechanisms enable such technologies to be implemented at minimal or zero financial cost. Atlantic Renewables provides a whole house approach from designing, specifying, installation, form filling and signing off so that our customer avoids any hassle.

The introduction of LED, Induction Lights and specialist control systems provide the following key benefits:

  • Reductions of up to 90% off your current electricity lighting bill.
  • Reduction in annual maintenance costs of between 70% and 90%.
  • Helping your building to reduce its carbon footprint and enhance its Green credentials.
  • Zero interest funding through The Carbon Trust.

In order to assess your potential energy savings Atlantic Renewables will provide the following free services:

  • A survey of your premises to outline potential energy savings
  • Create a thorough proposal to outline your potential savings.
  • A Trial of potential lighting devices to enable our customers to see how the proposed new lighting systems will perform, essentially a free trial before our customer makes a commitment.
  • Full assistance on claiming financial support and form filling.

If you are interested in taking up our low energy lighting service and want to know more about having LED and induction lights installed in your home, then why not call Atlantic Renewables today on 0161 926 1445?


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