Top 5 Benefits of Going Solar

Top 5 Benefits of Going Solar

While you may already know that having solar panels installed on your home is good for the environment, you may not know that it can also make you money – and even make you happier. To celebrate all the many advantages of going solar, we’ve put together our top five favourite reasons to consider adding solar panels to your property.

1. Earn Money Through Export Tariffs

The government have trialled a number of monetary incentives for those whose solar panels are producing surplus energy. While the precious scheme ended in March 2019, the Smart Export Guarantee will be in effect as of January 2020 to ensure that any solar energy returned to the grid will incur an Export Tariff from larger energy companies (those with more than 150,000 customers).

The tariffs will vary depending on the energy supplier, and may be flat, variable, or smart rate.

Your solar company will be able to give you a detailed rundown of your potential investment yield from solar energy export tariffs.

2. Significantly Reduce Energy Bills

Rather than relying on an energy supplier, using solar panels to power your home with a free and renewable resource can allow the average household to cut their electric bill by up to £300 each year – which is a saving of around 40-50%.

These days, with the use of an innovative lithium ion battery, you can store electricity generated during the day for use at night, which means you can remain independent from the grid even when the sun isn’t shining. A good solar company will be able to provide you with a free breakdown of your potential energy savings.

3. Avoid Rising Costs from Your Energy Supplier

Over the past years, UK energy bills have been on the increase, and that doesn’t look ready to change anytime soon. At the beginning of this year, Ofgem raised introduced a price cap to national energy, but less that one month later this cap was raised to £1,254 a year – a change affecting millions of households for the worse.

Being dependent upon the grid means that you are subject to shifting – and oftentimes rising – energy costs. Unlike fossil fuels, the sun provides us with an unlimited, clean source of electricity, which can be harvested by you – not a supplier – which allows you independence, and peace of mind each month.

4. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Money aside, switching over to a renewable energy source can give you a new lease of life. For one thing, you’re not reliant upon an external energy provider – you are utilising a natural resource and powering your home with renewable, clean energy. What’s more, research shows that leading an eco-conscious lifestyle actually makes us happier! Taking steps to reduce your carbon footprint and lead a greener and more mindful lifestyle can bring a little extra peace of mind and a sense of all-round well-being to your home.

5. Add Value to Your Property

As well as offering many practical, day to day benefits, having solar panels installed on your property can also make it a much more appealing prospect to potential buyers should you ever decide to sell.

Almost every home on the market is given an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), which reviews the current energy efficiency of a property, as well as its potential energy rating. This can be improved by a number of energy saving additions, such as double or triple glazing, loft insulation, and underfloor heating.

Buyers use the EPC to determine how much they should expect to spend on bills each year. Now more than ever, new and experienced homebuyers are interested in raising their environmental efficiency – and at the same time lowering their monthly bills – meaning the better your EPC, the more appeal your property will have.

Since solar panels drastically reduce your energy bills, lower your carbon footprint, and potentially last more than thirty years with minimal maintenance, a solar system will have a significant impact on your EPC.

There are many benefits to going solar, for your household and the environment. If you would like to find out more about what solar energy can do for your property, simply get in touch. As an experienced solar company, we can find the best solution for your home with a free solar survey.

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