Shine On, Altrincham: Exploring Solar Panel Installation in Your Town

Shine On, Altrincham: Exploring Solar Panel Installation in Your Town

Altrincham, a vibrant town nestled within Trafford, Greater Manchester, is embracing a greener future. With a population of roughly 78,000, the town presents a unique opportunity for domestic and potentially commercial solar panel installations. With Altrincham residents having a significantly higher level of home ownership than the national average, they are at a distinct advantage of having solar systems help power their home.

Altrincham Green Initiatives:

Altrincham boasts a mix of young professionals and families. This demographic is increasingly environmentally conscious, making solar panels an attractive option for reducing their carbon footprint. The town council itself has implemented several green initiatives, including the "Trees for Altrincham" project promoting urban tree planting, and the "Sustainable Altrincham" campaign encouraging residents to adopt eco-friendly practices.

While Altrincham does not receive the most sunshine hours compared to southern regions, it still enjoys sufficient sunlight to make solar panels a viable source of renewable energy. Modern solar panels function effectively even on cloudy days.

Government Schemes and Local Support:

The UK government actively supports renewable energy. The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) allows homeowners to receive payments for surplus electricity generated by their solar panels and fed back to the National Grid.

However, there is significantly lower payback for new solar-powered households than before 2019, whose lucrative Feed-In-Tariff is still in place. There are still some energy suppliers providing attractive tariffs for renewable energy such as Octopus Energy's overnight charging tariff for electric vehicle owners.

With a General Election set for July 2024, a new government could mean new green initiatives, such as a return to these types of tariffs. The Labour Party have pledged an annual £15bn towards investment in sustainable and green projects. Renewable energy is a large part of their Green Prosperity Plan, and so solar power could become a key player in any plans and initiatives they have for UK homeowners.

The Green Party has six local councillors in the Trafford area alone, including Altrincham and Hale. This involvement from a political party focused on sustainability and environmental issues can only provide a positive future for Altrincham and the surrounding areas.

Some of their recent initiatives include:

  • Action against local companies violating environmental standards

  • Protesting against water companies’ record profits amongst its raw sewage scandal

  • Standing in the 2024 Greater Manchester Mayoral Election

Trafford Council has established a Trafford Climate Change Network, charged with responsibility for developing, delivering and monitoring the Carbon Neutral Action Plan.

Some of their initiatives include:

  • Electric Vehicle Charge Points – Trafford already has the largest EV Charging Hub in Greater Manchester, but planned to install an additional 90 charge points by the end of 2022.

  • Low Carbon Heat – Heat Network studies are being conducted to identify opportunities for low carbon heat distribution across Trafford Park and the Civic Quarter.

  • Low Carbon Energy – Solar panels, heat pumps and ultra-efficient lighting are being installed across public buildings, aiming to reduce greenhouse gas and carbon emissions by over five hundred tonnes annually.

  • Natural Environment – a master plan is being developed to restore and improve Longford Park and increase the planting of wildflower meadows across the borough to enhance biodiversity.

  • Your Home Better – Trafford Council is also providing retrofitting services to increase energy efficiency in Trafford residents’ homes, in partnership with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority.

Educational Opportunities:

Trafford College, a leading educational institution in the region, offers courses and training programs in renewable and solar energy technologies. Their Green Technologies Hub is considered a flagship college in the area, playing a critical role in helping Greater Manchester achieve its ambition to reach Net Zero carbon by 2038.

Trafford Council is also funding apprenticeships in the green growth sector.

This not only empowers residents to consider solar solutions for their homes but also builds a skilled local workforce to support the growing solar industry.

Atlantic Street, Altrincham – Where We Started

Atlantic Renewables has been providing solar panel systems in Altrincham since 2011, and it is a place close to our hearts, as we are named after the road we first set up shop on - Atlantic Street, Altrincham. By providing the residents of Altrincham with solar, batteries and EV charging points, we can help contribute to a greener, cleaner and sustainable future for the area.

Atlantic Renewables

Atlantic Renewables are a solar PV design and installation company, providing affordable solutions in Manchester, Cheshire and throughout the North West.