Gain Free Hot Water using your Solar Panel sytem with Immersun

An Immersun unit works by using your existing immersion heater. Rather than exporting the free electricity back into the grid, it allows you to divert this energy into a hot water cylinder. Customers will still get paid the 50% export payments, but rather than export this electricity, you can use it instead to save on gas or oil costs that would otherwise be spent heating up water for the property. 

With costs from £400 with an average payback of between 3 and 5 years, an Immersun control unit can increase the savings made by a photovoltaic system and further reduce household bills at the same time, without any change to the existing immersion heater.

The system only uses excess electricity from solar panels that would otherwise be exported to the national grid, without drawing in additional electricity and automatically detects any changes in output of the panels, meaning the household does not need to be occupied as to make most use out of the free electricity. 

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