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Five Commercial Solar Myths, Debunked

It also means we’re acutely aware of what drives our clients’ decisions to invest in commercial solar, as well as what’s holding others back. 

For that reason, we’ve put together five of the most common commercial solar myths out there, and why they’re not worth believing.

  1. A commercial solar system won’t generate enough energy for all business

Every property, private or commercial, requires a different amount of energy on any given day, and some businesses are a lot more energy-intensive than others. The power of a commercial solar PV system designed specifically for the property on which it’s going to be installed, however, is it can be designed to meet that property’s demands. 

Over the years, we have designed systems to meet all levels of demand. The lowest capacity system we have installed on a commercial property is 10kWp (kilowatt peak), and the highest was capable of producing over 50x more than that. 

We are very adept when it comes to maximising the benefits businesses extract from their solar PV systems. We design systems capable of meeting the day-to-day needs of the business, that store any excess not used during peak production hours, and ensure the most cost-efficient investment possible. 

  1. Panels can only be installed on southern-facing roof space

This is one of the most common misconceptions out there when it comes to solar systems, and it stops a lot of people – both home- and business owners – from investing in solar PV despite their property being perfect for an installation. 

While it’s true that a southern-facing roof gets most of the direct sun exposure in the UK – and, as a result, solar panels placed on those roofs are the most efficient – roofs facing north, west, and east still get plenty of sun during the day, and won’t prevent a building from powering itself through solar. 

In the past, solar systems were a lot more primitive than they are today. We’ve come forward in leaps and bounds over the last two decades, and it’s simply not the case that only buildings facing a particular way can utilise solar power. 

What’s more important is that the roof doesn’t spend most of its day in the shade. Even if the sun isn’t directly bearing down on it for half the day, if the daylight is reaching it, it’s able to produce energy for you. 

  1. A commercial solar system would require a lot of upkeep

Solar panels are quite sedentary. They don’t have moving parts. They lie there lapping up the sun. They’re quite happy and, in general, they can go on doing that for quite some time. Much like our more sedentary friends, it is a very good idea to check in on them occasionally.

The types of maintenance your solar panels may need are cleaning, a little bit of pest control, and working-order checks. 

Where your business is located dictates the kind of muck your solar panels might be exposed to. If your solar panels are on a roof in and around trees, the wind could bring dead leaves over to sit and disturb the effectiveness of solar absorption. Sea salt, dust, and bird droppings are also common dirt that should be removed.

Birds can potentially nest under and around your solar panels and may present a unique problem, but one that could also have negative consequences for your energy production. Not all birds can be moved on, though, so ensure you get a specialist in so you know what you can and can’t do. Prevention is an excellent method for birds – installing a bird mesh can deter them from making a home on your business’s roof. 

Mechanically, solar panels are built to last. We do recommend regular check-ups to ensure there are no faults or breakdowns. If you’re experiencing sudden issues, we can get to you and run error diagnostics as quickly as possible – within the hour if you’re in the Manchester and Cheshire area.

  1. It won’t make a difference to customers 

It makes a huge difference to customers. Companies that are willing to really invest in their sustainability credentials are standing out more and more from those who are willing to fly under the radar and avoid making any big, financial commitments to a greener future. 

While the biggest shift toward value-driven companies is seen in the Millennial and Gen Z demographics, all age groups are growing increasingly aware of the difference between companies who pursue their philosophies, and companies who simply state them without any specifics. 

Transparency and responsibility are two qualities consumers are demanding. With those well-evidenced and well-pursued, a brand becomes authentic and then trusted. That all makes a profound difference to a business – which is all facilitated by the business and validated by the customers. Consider the growing impact climate change is having on the UK throughout the seasons, and how global warming is only set to become more and more of a focus for the average UK consumer. 

There’s another element, too: energy produced by solar panels saves businesses money and, also, can generate additional income. More money floating around for better customer service, better RND, and better production quality – we all understand how investment benefits customers. Just like the energy itself, the savings and extra income offer circular benefits.

  1. We can’t justify the disruption

There’s never a right time to disrupt the usual flow of business-as-usual, but installing solar doesn’t need to represent a major burden that forces everything else to slow down or take a hiatus. 

Remember that solar panels are a very tangible demonstration of your brand’s values – namely, its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and enabling customers to make better decisions that align with their own values. It’s a much more concrete example of that commitment than any manifesto, and that can benefit your workforce as well as your client base. 

Besides, solar panel installation doesn’t need to represent the dramatic disruption to everyday life that you may be imagining. 

First, we begin with a no-obligation site analysis. After that, we tailor the system to meet your site’s requirements, work around any potential setbacks like heavy shade or round-the-clock energy demands, and ensure the best possible fit for your site. The team at Atlantic Renewables prides itself on delivering results on time and on budget, meaning you can feel confident that our work won’t drag on for weeks or months longer than anticipated. 

We also offer a 25-year warranty thanks to our commitment to building solar PV systems designed for the future, so no additional, disruptive work will be waiting for you a couple of years down the road. 

Given the many years’ worth of financial and reputational benefits your business will draw from a single solar PV system, it invariably turns out to be worth the disruption – not to mention a lot less disruptive than most people imagine!

We have worked with so many clients who had their own reservations about the financial outlay, the disruption, and the(supposedly) limited ROI a solar PV installation would bring to their business. Experience has taught us that most of those reservations are unfounded, and the rest can be sent packing with a tailored system designed to withstand many, many years of use. 

Whether you operate a large site with a substantial demand for energy throughout the day and night, or a relatively small operation – and perhaps feel that the expense of solar installation just isn’t justified by the low demand you place on the national grid – we’re here to talk it out and find the best solution for you. 

Embracing a greener future is a great business opportunity, not just when it comes to cutting operating costs, but when it comes to solidifying your business’s reputation – particularly among local customers – and giving people another reason to turn to you. 

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