Commercial Solar: 5 Things to Look for in a Solar Energy Company

Commercial Solar: 5 Things to Look for in a Solar Energy Company

With so many choices, it can be difficult to find the right solar energy company for you, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the top five things to look for as you begin your solar project. Understanding what makes a good solar energy company will save you a lot of searching, and give you the peace of mind to hand over the reins and focus on business.

1. Uniquely Tailored Systems for Commercial Solar panels

Every installation is different, which means that every project requires expertly designed solutions that allow you to get the maximum potential out of your solar panel installation.

Solar panels for commercial buildings come with a wealth of benefits, from lowered energy bills to improved corporate image, as well as extra income from the Feed-In Tariff. The right solar energy company will be sure to fully assess your location, roof, and requirements, and draw up an accurate plan that works for your business. Having a bespoke solution designed with your particular situation in mind will ensure that your energy generation and storage is working as efficiently as possible, and that you get the most out of your long term investment.

2. A Clear Plan for Now, and the Future

Prior to any work taking place, your solar energy company should be able to provide a detailed assessment of your location, and a survey itemizing your expected payback period, investment yield, and potential energy savings. In a project like this, it’s important that your solar energy company is upfront and honest, and that there aren’t any hidden extras to surprise you once you’re committed to the project.

Although most buildings don’t require planning permission for commercial solar panels, if you work in a listed building or within a conservation area, you will need to apply for planning permission. Finding a company that is experienced with these matters, and able to offer advice and help to you throughout the process, will ensure that the process is completed as quickly and straightforwardly as possible.

3. Experience with a Variety of Roof-Types and Locations for Commercial Solar Panels

The optimum orientation for commercial solar panels is very specific – south facing at an angle between 10-45°. Of course, not every roof has been built facing south, which is why a solar company with a good deal of experience in challenging install locations will be well-equipped to find the best solutions for your solar project.

For the best insight into their past experience, check out any case studies. Understanding how they have addresses complex situations in the past, and what they did to cater to their specific client’s needs, will give you a great idea of the work they do.

4. Fully Qualified and Experienced Electricians and Roofers In-House

A properly designed and maintained solar power solution can last upwards of thirty years, but even the best system can be let down by poor or inexperienced installation. If commercial solar panels are fitted incorrectly, you could face expensive and time consuming repair work. Electrical resistance within the wired connection can cause corrosion, and a significant fire hazard.

Some solar energy companies will subcontract outside workers to complete an installation, which can make it difficult to know who is responsible should you have an issue down the line. Finding a solar energy company with a permanent team of trained and experienced electricians and roofers will give you peace of mind, and a clear understanding of who is responsible for the work being completed.

In addition, commercial solar panels – if properly installed and maintained – could last you more than thirty years, which means that a good solar installation company will be interested in forming a lasting relationship with you.

5. Return Business and Recommendations

Flashy marketing campaigns get the message out, but nothing extols the virtues of a solar energy company more than return business and customer recommendations. Make sure that the solar energy company you choose has plenty of client stories, case studies and return customers to boast about – that way, you know that they are interested in building a lasting relationship with their customers, providing a tailored service, and offering plenty of advice, help, and maintenance following completion of the installation.

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