Can Surplus Solar Electricity be Stored for Later Use?

Can Surplus Solar Electricity be Stored for Later Use?

What many people don’t know, however, it that you can continue to use this free and renewable source of electricity after it has been generated, and that reducing your carbon footprint — and saving money on energy bills — does not need to be a part-time venture.

In the past, homes that were powered by solar technology would be forced to rely on electricity from the grid at night, when the solar panels stopped generating electricity. These days, innovations in solar battery technology mean that home- and business-owners can continue to power their home with a store of solar electricity as and when they need it — even when the sun is no longer shining.

What is a Solar Battery?

A solar battery system allows anyone with solar panels to store any electricity they have generated during hours of sunlight, and have not had any immediate use for. This means that you will be able to retain any solar energy you do not want to immediately sell back to the grid, and continue to power your home throughout the night.

This is an excellent option for anyone who wants to get the most out of their solar panels, and to maximise their reliance on a clean and renewable source of energy. Rather than limiting your home or business to using solar energy during the day, you can maintain independence from the national grid so long as there is still energy stored within your solar battery.

Some people are still not aware of the development of reliable and affordable lithium ion solar batteries as, until recently, the solar batteries available to customers were not efficient enough to power homes sufficiently.

How Much Energy Will I be Able to Store?

As a general rule, between 50%-80% of the electricity generated by solar PV panels will not be needed by the homeowner, and will be available to send back to the grid. As of January 2020, this will give you the option of selling your unused electricity back to the grid, in accordance with your energy provider’s Export Tariff, provided that the provider has more than 150,000 customers.

Since homes do not need to use all of the energy generated by the panels, there will be plenty of electricity available to store in a solar battery for future use. The property will be powered by clean solar energy so long as there is still energy stored within the battery, and will only revert back to using energy from the grid when the battery has been drained.

Is a Solar Battery Right for Me?

Solar PV panels are an excellent choice for anyone who wishes to lower their carbon footprint, cut down their reliance on fossil fuels, and save money by producing their own electricity independent from the grid. A solar battery maximises these benefits by circumventing restrictions that, until recently, meant solar power could not be used outside of daylight hours.

New lithium ion batteries are far more efficient, and far more durable, than what was available before, and are a worthwhile addition to any solar energy system.

How Much Does it Cost?

In the past, solar batteries were an expensive investment, and due to limited technology they were not a very efficient option for homeowners. Now, with the availability of innovative lithium batteries, the technology required to save surplus energy is much more reliable, and more affordable to anyone who wishes to get the greatest benefit from their solar panels.

Whether you have already had solar panels installed on your property, and are looking to boost your reliance on renewable energy, or you are still considering adding a solar PV system to power your home, a solar battery is an efficient and affordable way of ensuring that you remain as independent from your energy supplier as possible.

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