4kw Solar Install In Bolton

4kw Solar Install In Bolton

This week Atlantic Renewables completed a 4kw system, which consisted of 16 x 250w all black Solar World monocrystalline panels, with a Solaredge Inverter. All 16 panels were mounted on the side elevation using the very best mounting equipment from Schletter. The customer also opted for 16 Solaredge Optimisers which increase energy output from the PV system. Furthermore the optimisers monitor the performance of each module and pair up to the Inverter, allowing the customer to logon to Solaredge Monitoring Portal and track the current power and view each solar panels generation. This is done by attaching a wi-fi module kit to the inverter, allowing communication between the inverter and a wi-fi router.

Are you interested in getting Solar Panels on your home in Bolton? Do you want to maximize the potential of your Solar Panels? Do you want a way to monitor your generation? Are you interested in a 100% free, no obligation quote for the cost of Solar Panels? Do you want a local, professional solar panel installation team to provide you with a free roof survey and solar panel appraisal? 

Atlantic Renewables are your local solar panel company! We pride ourselves on our friendly approach to all installs and quotes and never use high pressure sales tactics. We can provide you with a completely free quote and explain the best options for you and your budget. 

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