30kW Solar PV on a Farm in Whitchurch, Cheshire

Want to find out more about our work with agricultural solar systems? Read on below!

Grid Application

After the customer contacted us for a free initial quote, we set to work. As well as the quote, this involved completing the supply and grid application and feasibility studies, all free of charge.

We submitted the application to the local national grid operator for a new solar PV system connection, with all paperwork done in-house to save the customer hassle. We then had to wait for a written response (this usually takes about six weeks). Once we had approval, and only then, we charged a £1,000 deposit for the job. This went to our third-party customer client bank account, so the customer knew their initial investment was protected.

New Cable

During our survey of the barn before installing the solar panels, we discovered that the existing electricity supply to was insufficient for the 30kW the new solar system would generate. We therefore sized and supplied a new 5-core SWA cable, then dug a trench and laid the cable. And all because problem solving is part of the service at Atlantic Renewables!

Solar Roofing Specialists

This agricultural solar project involved installing a system on a corrugated-sheet roof, which poses a challenge compared to working on trapezium-sheet roofs due to the curve of the material. To overcome this, we sourced a suitable component from Renusol, a company that specialises in PV and solar mounting products, ensuring we could fit the system to the roof perfectly.

And while we were there, we also checked that the roof sheets were securely fixed to the structure.

Component Overview

For this agricultural solar project, Atlantic Renewables installed 110 x tier-one polycrystalline JA solar panels. We picked these because of their reputation for conversion and yield efficiency as well as reliability. They even come with a 12-year warranty and a 25-year performance guarantee!

We also used a 30Kw Solis inverter, which has four separate MPPT inputs that work independently of one another. This ensures uninterrupted power at all times, since the other three inputs continue working even if one fails. And with Solis’ reputation for dependability and a five-year warranty as standard, this hi-tech kit offers just as much peace of mind as it does performance.

Installation and Service

Our client on this project runs a chicken farm, so Atlantic Renewables scheduled the work for the only month of the year when there was no livestock. This ensured zero disruption to the farmer or his animals. We also handled the feed-in tariff and MCS Certificate application in-house.

With the feed-in tariff scheme, as well as free electricity, you receive tax-free payments from your energy provider for every kilowatt hour your solar system generates. And with the scheme lasting 20 years after signing up, your empty roof space could be earning you money for a long time!

Agricultural Solar Solutions in Cheshire

Wholesale energy prices are rising, which can hit farms and other businesses especially hard. But with solar energy available during peak load, farmers can reduce their bills instantly.

In fact, solar can offer a return on investment of 12% or more. On top of this, with solar, businesses can claim capital tax allowance in year one, meaning you can deduct the full cost of the installation from business profits before paying tax (rather than deferring over a number of years).

All of this means that the benefits of solar energy are very real. If you have a domestic, business or agricultural property in the Cheshire area, then, we recommend email or call us Atlantic Renewables today for a free quote. And with our experience in the field and a 10-year warranty on systems we install as standard, you can trust us to provide the best solar solution for your needs.

Atlantic Renewables

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