Reduce Operating Costs, Attract Eco-Conscious Tenants: Go Solar

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Helping landlords make the most of the latest advances in solar energy systems

Tenants love homes with solar power systems simply because of the lower bills. 

But remember that the other financial benefits of solar are enjoyed not by the tenant, but by the landlord who has invested in the system. And the more properties a landlord has, the more attractive those benefits become.

Talk to Atlantic Renewables about all these opportunities:

  • The range of grants available
  • Energy that is generated by solar panels but not used by your tenants is sold to the National Grid and that profit all comes back to you.
  • Have you taken on a house or building with a pre-existing solar energy system that still benefits from the government’s old Feed-in Tariff (FiT)? We can help you take advantage of those tax-free payments. 
  • Your solar power system can incorporate one or more charging points for electric vehicles. Using cards Your tenants can then pay you for the electricity they use, creating a new income stream. Another example of how solar makes your properties future-ready.

We’re here to support you long-term

Ours is not a sales-driven business. Instead we’re service-driven, and the people you meet will be the experts who design, install and maintain your system. Talk to us and you can expect:

  • Accurate forecasting of future usage and costs as part of our quotation
  • Precision control and monitoring of energy usage for every system you install
  • All installation work will be carried out by qualified electricians and roofers trained and managed directly by us. 
  • Full certification. We’ll let the Grid know you’re connected, and notify your council that building regulations and electrical works standards have all been complied with
  • A 25-year guarantee on our panels, and a 5-year insurance-backed guarantee on our installation work

Atlantic Renewables can be your partner in a solar future

Web Monitoring

We can install online monitoring with every system which enables farmers to track their system’s performance online and receive alerts if anything goes wrong. If something does happen, we will be ready to step in and diagnose the issue quickly – which tends to be within an hour of arriving

Committed Aftercare

We closely monitor all of the systems we install and are always on hand to take care of your solar energy system maintenance and repairs.

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