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Helping farmers make the most of the
latest advances in solar energy systems

If you’re still buying your electricity from the Grid in the traditional way then you’re almost certainly paying too much for it.

Most farms tend to use a lot of electricity during daylight hours

A solar solution from Atlantic Renewables will help you reduce your bills in a number of ways, while still remaining connected to the Grid:

  • Self-generated power using the roof spaces you already have can cut your bills or even reduce them to zero.
  • At certain times you can actually sell excess power you generate to the Grid, bringing useful extra income from your solar investment.
  • With planned use of the latest battery technology you can prove that you’re not using Grid energy at the three peak times (the so-called Triads) and so reduce your overall bills further.
  • We can also make your farm future-ready by installing one or more electric vehicle charging points (or cabling for future ones) into your solar energy system.

We’ll develop your business case, without obligation

By taking your existing half-hourly electricity consumption data we can create an accurate 20-year forecast of how much solar energy your farm can generate, how much will be used, and how much you’ll be able to store in batteries on site.

We’ll then go on to give you a full Return on Investment Report for our proposed installation. This will give an honest assessment of your needs ― for example, if filling an entire roof with panels would be overkill, we’ll tell you.

This would be followed by a survey, drawings, wind-weight loading calculations. Then, all technical and health & safety certificates will be included in our service. 


Our SSIP accredited team is always site-ready

Atlantic Renewables is fully compliant to SSIP Standards including SMAS Worksafe, Constructionline and CHAS.

When you work with us, all safety assessment paperwork and other documentation will be taken care of. Our people will be good to go ― with every roofer and electrician trained and managed directly by us.  

That means you’ll have the reassurance of knowing that the team on your site is fully qualified and highly experienced, used to working on-time and on-budget.

We’re also here to support you long-term

Web Monitoring

We can install online monitoring with every system which enables occupiers to track their system’s performance online and receive alerts if anything goes wrong. If something does happen, we will be ready to step in and diagnose the issue quickly – which tends to be within an hour of arriving

Committed Aftercare

We closely monitor all of the systems we install and are always on hand to take care of your solar energy system maintenance and repairs.


Boost the productivity
of your land with a dedicated
commercial solar farm

At Atlantic Renewables we can do more than just reduce your bills and carbon footprint on the energy you need for your everyday business needs. We can also help you establish a profitable new business generating energy purely for sale.

Our team has installed large field-based commercial solar systems on pile driven foundations, concrete foundations and railway sleepers, as well as ballasted solutions.

Welcome stability for farmers

Some crops may have a poor yield and livestock prices may fluctuate, but solar energy provides a stable 20-year financial income. At the same time, 70% of the solar panelled land can still be used for crops and grazing animals, providing the same kind of welcome shade and weather protection as trees.

We can plan, install and maintain your solar energy farm. As part of our service we’ll provide accurate forecasting of future usage and costs. We’ll also help with finance provision if needed and supply all the documentation you need including the necessary planning permission and Grid consent.

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